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The Virtual ​Ascend

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Empowering Bookkeepers for Remote Firm Management

Virtual Event

September 27-29

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You have a place here

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This retreat is for women looking to elevate their bookkeeping firm to the next level by going virtual. Our goal is to empower you to create a career that fits into your life, NOT the other way around.

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Learn how to run a successful virtual firm from the start and go from side hustler to CEO

Spend three days learning from industry experts how to run a modern, virtual bookkeeping business. Ready to elevate your firm to the next level of success without the burnout of a traditional business structure?

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Are you...

Looking to use technology to be more efficient?

Wanting to move away from traditional accounting methods and take your firm paperless?

Feeling the burnout of a relentless corporate schedule?

Looking to go from side-hustler to CEO?

Feeling stuck in the weeds and want to be able to run your business so it doesn't run your life?

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I've been there, too.

Eight years ago, I was an employee struggling to find happiness at my corporate job. I started doing bookkeeping as a side-hustle on my weekends and days off until I realized how much more I was enjoying working with my clients and for myself than I was working my corporate job. Eight years later, I can confidently say that it was one of the best decisions I've ever made!

With the help of our expert mindset, marketing, and business strategy coaches we will help you make the transition from side-hustler to CEO!

Day One

Focus on working ON your business.

  • Mindset
  • Lifestyle, branding, and building the life YOU want
  • Business structure, legal considerations and niching/pricing
  • Tech stacks/SOP's and workflows

Day Two

Focus on working IN your business.

  • Onboarding
  • Customer journey
  • Running your practice on QBOA
  • Marketing

Day Three

Focus on Scaling your business

  • Leadership
  • Building a team-managed company
  • Breakout sessions
  • Panel discussion open Q&A
  • On day one, we will focus on creating the foundation necessary to build a prosperous business model. By guiding you through solopreneur do's and dont's, mindset coaching, and industry hacks, we will help you build out your dream business model!
  • On day two, our focus will be on creating the best customer journey you can offer, while staying true to your business and personal goals.
  • On day three, we will teach you how to turn your dream business model into reality, while creating a community and support system as you scale.

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Your coaches

You're not in this alone! We are bringing together a group of extraordinary women who have excelled in their industries and want to share their expertise with you.

Samantha Hallburn

Owner of S.A.M. Solutions and

PBS Accounting and Tax Solutions

He​ather Satterly

Director of Education of Media -Woodard

K​aren Lum

Owner of K. Lum Consulting

Director of education of Media -​Woodard

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Candy Bellau, ​CFE

Founder and President of Kramerica Business Solutions

Katey Maddux

Founder & CEO, Millennial Accounting

Rachel Pierret

Founder of Rise Media Agency

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What you'll walk away with:

  • A comprehensive business planning guide
  • A guide to building your tech stack with our personal recommendations
  • One complimentary 30-minute check-in call with each coach after the retreat
  • Customized social media marketing materials
  • A money and mindset workbook
  • Exclusive access and discounts to our future trainings and workshops

The Virtual Ascend



I'm ready!

*We are offering buy one get one admission. ​This price includes registration for you and ​one guest. Once you’ve registered you will be ​sent a link for your guest to register at no cost.

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About Me

Hi! I'm Samantha "Sam" Hallburn, owner of Simplified Accounting Management, Inc. and PBS Accounting and Tax Solutions, and the creator and director of The Virtual Ascend.

After working in the corporate world for nearly 20 years, I decided to branch out on my own and start my bookkeeping business. What began as a side-hustle has grown over the last eight years into a successful, full-time, six-figure career that has allowed me to live out dreams I never thought could be possible. I'm able to support a team of five wonderful women. I have the freedom to travel and spend my time on my own terms, as well as explore additional passions in my career including speaking and teaching.

Now, as a National QuickBooks Online Educator, I'm so excited that I'm in a place where I'm able to share my knowledge and empower other women to take the first steps toward creating the lives they've been dreaming about!


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"These courses are always packed with information. I'm always amazed at how Sam can anticipate the students' needs even before they have finished asking a question. Her knowledge & expertise come through every class, and her teaching style seems to reach all types of learners. I really appreciate Sam for offering these courses!”

-Mixel Ventura

Sacred Sounds Healing Arts

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"Sam is very knowledgeable in her profession and is a great teacher. She always provides me with good information and solutions, helps me understand and learn how to utilize QBO

functions effectively. With her help, we were able to make a significant improvement in our workflow, project tracking, budgeting, and more. I would absolutely recommend Sam for

everyone who wants the best out of Quickbooks and any accounting related situation."

-Sarah Baterdene

Verdant Energy Electric

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Sam Gets It DONE! Her extensive knowledge of everything accounting is remarkable. She has always taken the time to focus on our QuickBooks issues and made us feel like a priority. I feel our company has an advantage with Sam by our side!”

-Henry Sanchez

Precision Adult Care Services

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“Myself and Alco Homes, LLC could not more highly recommend working with Sam and her team. The entire team is extremely responsive, accommodating, and thorough. Sam's knowledge of Quickbooks and our business accounting needs is extensive. I started out a complete Quickbooks novice and after working with Sam, I feel very confident within Quickbooks and taking over the bookkeeping/accounting for our business. The investment is 100% worth it!”

-Allison Silveira

Alco Homes

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Do I need to have a background in bookkeeping or accounting to attend this event?

Yes, this event is for the management of your bookkeeping firm. We will not be covering bookkeeping or accounting principles. We do not, however, require you to have any specific education or credentials to attend.

I’m a tax professional but I haven't done bookkeeping, will this still be helpful?

Yes, if you're interested in learning about virtual firm management and adding bookkeeping to your practice, we recommend attending.

Will I walk away from the retreat with all of the legal and tax knowledge necessary to be a bookkeeper?

No, we will not be teaching compliance, federal, state, or regional accounting law.

Who can I contact if I have more questions?

You can reach out to registration@thevirtualascend.com for questions regarding the event.

You will also receive an invite to our Facebook group once you've registered, where you can post questions and connect with other attendees!

Take me from side hustler to CEO!